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A-AUTO 7.1


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A-AUTO is a job scheduling software. Released in July 1977, it has been used by numerous companies for over 30 years in Japan. A-AUTO integrates batch management across different platforms, for various applications, from information systems to mission-critical systems, providing nonstop job scheduling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even when the workload is at its heaviest, A-AUTO continues its secure progress management and gives stable support for efficient job management, without requiring additional staffing.

Since A-AUTO Ver 7.1 integrates job network definition, job network monitoring, and system monitoring into one screen on the web, A-AUTO can be easily operated by almost anyone, without special skills even on a complex system. With A-AUTO, you can log any change to the files for audit purposes, and from that log you can confirm that no unauthorized change has been made. Automatic e-mail notification of any failure in the processing of a job network is also available.

The increased scalability and performance of A-AUTO Ver 7.1 enable it to handle larger amounts of data and integrated servers. It provides stress-free control of tens of thousands of job networks a day. Thanks to its capability to distribute loads among systems, which is made possible by a new load-balancing function, system operations can be more stable and job networks can be processed in a shorter time than it previously could.

System operators can manage the conditions with the least burden. One new function uses the return code of the preceding job to determine which job to process next without complicating the script for the batch job.

Since job scheduling software A-AUTO has proven compatibility with a wide range of ERP software, monitoring tools, and clustering software provided by various manufacturers and vendors, your choice of tools is wide open.

Requirements Supported OS : WinServer : 2GB and above (recommended)
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Author: BSP Inc.
License: Demo
Price: $6875
File Size: 163.3 MB
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